Monday, August 20, 2012

beauty review: Too Faced Better Than False Lashes

it's been out for more than a few months now, so chances are you may have read, or even tried for yourself, the Too Faced Better Than False Lashes system. this new 3-step process is already a must-have in the lives of many beauty-lovers!

three steps might seem like a lot, but it's quite simple once you know what to do:  first, prime your lashes with 1-2 coats of Activating Mascara Base & Top Coat to lashes. next, build up length and volume with 1-2 coats of FlexiStretch Nylon Fibers (its these tiny fibers that form a flexible coating to allow lashes to "stretch" beyond the length of your own lash). finally, seal fibers in with another 1-2 coats of Activating Mascara Base & Top Coat.

and that's it! the first time i used Better Than False Lashes i liked the results just fine, but did get some of the fibers in my eyes. not fun. my eyes are sensitive and that was, for lack of a better phrase, seriously annoying. this made me wonder if i'd like using this on a regular basis, even if only a few more times for a review.

so i gave it another try. thankfully, i was able to apply the fibers without getting them in my eyes, but...

this didn't wow me like i'd hoped.

in my mascara-loving, lashes-are-everything opinion, yes, the results are good. false lash good? not really. length isn't the issue with this product-- it's the fullness. that, for me, is a must in a false lash look.
in any case, take a look at the results...

{bare lashes}

{steps 1 and 2}

{step 3 ~ final results}

as you can see, there's nothing wrong with the finished look! in fact, it's quite pretty. and while i know so many have found themselves in love with this pair of lash goodies {and that is fab!}, this just isn't for me.

be sure to visit for more info.

tell me: have you tried Better Than False Lashes? what was your experience? let me know in the comments!

product featured sent to me for review consideration; pics taken by me :)

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