Saturday, December 29, 2012

currently loving...

bonjour, beauties!

hope you enjoyed a beautiful holiday. it was quite splendid for me. time with my family, relishing the reactions to gifts opened by my kids, and laughing at yet another year my extended family argued over the white elephant gift exchange added to my 2012 holiday memories...

i received some pretty fabulous gifts {books, dvds, gift cards, beauty products, etc}, but it was one gift i was ecstatic {and in tears} over when i unwrapped it: a MacBook Pro from my love. yes, i'm actually typing this out from my new device! so strange {but still all good} how different this thing is ~ the key spacing is throwing me off, so i'm typing a bit slower at the moment, LOL.

clockwise from top left: Zelens skincare products; my dog, Piper; Kate Spade books from my mom; my new MacBook Pro

also, i'm loving, and am beyond proud, that BGM turned 5 yesterday {insert thunderous applause}!! being able to publish my thoughts in this tiny part of the web has brought so many positive experiences and people into my life; i'm definitely looking forward to sharing more...

other current loves...

"The Queen of Versailles" ~ i recently watched this documentary via Netflix, and it was every bit as good as i has heard and read. while, at times, i found myself flabbergasted at the lifestyle of the couple featured, it was an eye-opening and very real look at an american family impacted by the economic crash.

cold temperatures ~ this california girl is all about the fall and winter season. it's truly my favorite time of year. the so-cold-there's-frost-on-the-lawns-and-all-over-the-cars, runny-nose-and-eye-watering-inducing temperatures i have been encountering on my morning walks with the pup have been very refreshing for me. it never lasts long enough around here, so i'll take what i can get.

Zelens PHA Bio Peel Resurfacing Pads and Z Recovery Intensive Recovery Balm ~ highly effective skincare, these beauties have given my skin some fabulous results! i'll be posting my review, complete with full ingredient and brand details, for you in the coming week.

3 really good books ~
The Silver Linings Playbook {contemporary fiction}; Rules {award-winning, realistic children's fiction that i read with my kids}; Marilyn in Fashion {a fashionable biography featuring one of my favorite hollywood stars} ~

as 2012 comes to an end there are many things going on and many things to be thankful for. i hope you're cherishing each moment and will savor the last few days of what has been a very eventful year.

what are you currently loving??


Teri said...

Congrats on 5 years Monique!

sweets5260 said...

Hi Monique! OMG you watched the Queen of Versallies??? So interesting huh??? :) XO