Monday, April 1, 2013

spring decor ideas with Bath & Body Works + Matthew Robbins

spring is such a fabulous time of year! the weather is warming up, flowers are blooming, and the color palette becomes brighter and more cheerful. and i'm not just referring to beauty products and fashion, but also for your home. simple touches can really go a long way... 

celebrity event designer, Matthew Robbins, has come up with some fun spring d├ęcor ideas, providing a few tips and tricks using Bath & Body Works' White Barn Candles and accessories. from setting a table for a semi-formal brunch, casual get togethers with friends, or just decorating around your home, i think you'll be inspired...

Matthew says: "the Bath & Body Works White Barn collection is filled with so many versatile candles and accessories. what i love most about the collection is how easily the various pieces come together in an eclectic but cohesive group of decorative accessories. the accessories are easy to mix and match and they provide many options for customizing with your own decorating ideas."

the Pineapple 3-Wick Luminary, Pineapple Ceramic Mini Candle holder and Lace Pewter Mini Candle Sleeve are "wonderful decorative pieces that can be used as great centerpieces."

fill the Ceramic Birdhouse Mini Candle Holders with orchid plants "for a truly unique party favor or decorative centerpiece."

Matthew adds, "filling the Daisy Flower Candle Sleeve and Birds & Flowers Pewter Candle Sleeve with bread sticks and savory crackers make a great addition to a garden lunch or backyard barbecue."

great ideas, right? i love White Barn Candles! if you've ever set foot in a BB&W store, you've experienced how fabulously irresistible they are. from amazing scents to the fact that they're high quality and wallet-friendly, adding a few new ones with complementary accessory pieces shouldn't be difficult to do...though i understand it could be ~ how can you choose just a few when everything is fabulous?! ;)

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