Saturday, December 7, 2013

beauty girl tv: i'm back + some things i'm currently loving!

hello beauties! hope you're enjoying a fabulous day! as you may have gathered, i've {finally} filmed a new video for my YouTube channel. sit back, watch and {i hope} enjoy…

it's a bit long, sorry…did i mention it's been 4 years?!!

 along with a reintroduction, i also include some products i'm currently loving!!

i'm so excited to get back to this platform of reviewing, so please let me know what you think. i'll be posting once a week, so expect to see reviews, tips, tags and occasional hauls.

if you have suggestions, requests or want to just say hi, please do so! and feel free to leave me a nice comment.

also, like {thumb up!}, share on your preferred social media platform, and if you'd like to give me a fabulous gift for christmas and my birthday {it's at the end of the month!!}, subscribe!

thank you, dolls!

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