Tuesday, May 13, 2014

new uses for old things: mascara wands

one thing i love about Real Simple magazine is its regular feature, new uses for old things. it always features such creative ways to use things we already have, making them into something new, or giving them a new function; this has always been fabulous to me. learning new things is never a bad thing {or, to put it as Martha Stewart would say, "it's a good thing"}, not to mention it's helpful to make the most of what you have. it also proves that with a bit of creativity, you can make life so much more...well…simple.

i've been reading Real Simple since its first issue {that was in 2000, and as a young wife, and soon-to-be new mom, it was the perfect new resource}. through the years i've learned so much from it. i have pages and pages saved in folders and clipped into notebooks. i confess i haven't subscribed in years, but their website is fabulous. in recent months, though, i've found myself drawn to the physical publication and have fallen in love all over again…

alright, enough of my rambling, LOL!

all of this is to say that on my most recent visit to their website, i realized that i should be sharing these tips with you. that's what i love to do here on BGM, after all ~ share the tips and tricks, products and fun stuff i love…

so, without further ado, here are 3 new uses for mascara wands {also known as a spooly} you should know…

1. remove errant makeup  ~ unlike a finger, the mascara wand won’t smudge the color all over the place making your problem worse. simply flick off any misplaced makeup with the mascara-wand bristles.

2. flatten out little fly aways around the hairline. simply spritz the tool with a bit of hairspray, and brush where needed, recommends hairstylist Mark Townsend.

3. use the spooly dipped in polish remover to remove nail polish that ends up around your nail rather than on it. unlike a cotton ball, it won’t leave behind those little fuzzies that inevitably end up ruining your paint job.

what creative ways do you use spoolys? let me know in the comments!

tips featured came from this article on RealSimple.com; all other thoughts are my own. :) 

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