Saturday, August 2, 2014

skincare gem: MD Complete Dark Spot Remover

bonjour, beauties! please allow me to introduce you to my new skincare bff... 

MD Complete Dark Spot Remover.

 i've been using this fabulous product for the past few months and i'm over-the-moon! if you're looking for a more even-toned, clear complexion, you need this

i believe when it comes to beauty, skincare should be a high priority. i personally used to struggle with breakouts and those little buggers left my skin with dark spots. this resulted in me feeling less confidant and pretty. it's definitely a vanity thing, but i think a bright, even-toned complexion is more attractive, not to mention creates a more youthful look and makeup just looks better on clear skin.

so, as you can imagine, i've used many products over the years, resulting in moderate to beyond good results…

when i first started using Dark Spot Remover i had a couple of {pesky} spots. i'd been using many products {mostly for review} that helped to reduce their appearance, so i was happy when it was this beauty that really brought on more serious results {fyi, while testing this out, i did use other skincare products, but this was the only dark spot reducer i used}.

as with all skincare, it took time to see significant results. for the first 2 weeks, i applied it every other day at night and i saw a bit of difference. at week 3, i increased it to every day at night and it was at that point that i was definitely impressed. after 6 weeks, i started using it morning and night, every day...

so here i am, a little more than 3 months into using this, and those dark spots are {yay!} gone. not only that, but all the skin on my face {and neck} is so much more even and brighter looking. i couldn't be more pleased with the results, beauties! i also love that Dark Spot Remover isn't drying to my skin, and the light-scented formula glides on smooth.


you can get more of the technical details {from ingredients and benefits to before and after pics} at the MD Complete website. i highly recommend you check it out! if you're convinced that you want it now, you can head to your local Target and purchase it there.  

product featured sent to me for review consideration; pics taken by me :)

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