Wednesday, September 24, 2014

beauty girl bookshelf: what i've read, am currently reading and want to read next...

bonjour, beauties! summer is officially over and i confess, i didn't do as much reading as i have {or expected to do} compared to past summers. in fact, i've done less reading this whole year, but i'm not beating myself up over it. i think i was in a bit of a rut, but it looks like i'm climbing out of it ~ the last two books i read have been fabulous, i'm almost done with another, and am excited about the next two i plan to read. just thought i'd share, so take a look...

I Don't Know What You Know Me From by Judy Greer

i just finished this title in audio format, which is fabulous because Judy reads it herself {i call her Judy as if i know her, LOL}. while many don't know her in public when they encounter her, i'd know exactly where i know her from if i ever find myself in the same space. since seeing her in The Wedding Planner, back in 2001, she's been on my radar. she's a fabulous actress with almost 100 films to her credit. if i were an actor, i'd want my career to be just like hers ~ consistent and noteworthy. she gets to work with amazing actors and is still able to maintain a life of normalcy that allows her to be in public without being followed or stalked by paparazzi. while not over-the-top funny, this book is full of fun stories from her life and career. if you like memoirs, are a fan of Judy Greer, you should definitely find this to be an enjoyable read.

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell 

Rainbow Rowell has quickly become one of my favorite authors. her books are smart, heartfelt and thoughtful. every story is unique, with multifaceted characters and a fabulous story. the first two books of hers i read {Eleanor & Park and Fangirl} are classified in the YA category, but this book, her very first novel, is in the adult fiction genre with a very chick-lit/rom-com feeling. that's fine by me. i could easily see this as a movie, but i love the format of emails as part of the narrative, i'm not sure how that could be portrayed on screen. if you're looking for a romantic, sweet read, this one is a great pick!

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

i'm almost done with this gorgeous, epic novel. the story takes place in two time periods, 1962 and present day. in 1962 a young italian innkeeper spies a tall, thin woman in white approaching him and his hotel via boat. he soon learns she's an american actress. oh, and she's dying. in present day, more other characters are introduced, each aspiring to fulfill their own dreams of success. enter an older italian man in search of the mystery woman he knew many years ago. i love how this book goes back and forth between time periods, slowly moving toward how they ultimately are connected. i was moved and captivated listening to this as an audiobook {the narrator is fantastic}. there are no big action scenes and no crazy plot twists, but if you're looking for a moderately paced story featuring grand scenery and old-hollywood icons, give this one a go.

next i want to read: We Were Liars and Station Eleven

what book have you finished or are currently reading? i'd love to know ~ i welcome your thoughts and recommendations! 

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