Tuesday, September 9, 2014

beauty girl style: JORD Wood Watches

recently, i was contacted by an up and coming company named JORD. they create gorgeous and unique timepieces that are not only gorgeous in their design, but absolutely unique in their construction.

would you believe it if i told these watches are made from wood? be honest…

well i confess, i didn't.

or at least i had never considered the possibility. funny, because i own wood accessories, so why wouldn't i think it plausible that wood watches could also exist? the easiest answer is because my personal watch collection includes pieces made from metal, plastic and synthetic materials.

in any case, i thought you'd be interested to learn more about these ~ take a look at a few…
Ely Series in Maple

Fieldcrest Series in Black

Sully Series in Black & Maple

as i mentioned, i was contacted by the company and am excited to tell you that, after a fab conversation with the brand's marketing manager {yes, an actual phone call ~ how awesome is that?}, they will be sending me one of their wood watches. i'm looking forward for the opportunity to experience and share my {always} honest opinion about it with you. i chose to receive the Ely series in Maple, so as soon as i get it, i'll share via my Instagram. wearing and incorporating it into my daily life will follow and you can expect a full review in the coming weeks...

until then, i invite you to visit the JORD website and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.
stay tuned, beauties! 

images courtesy of JORD watches

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