Thursday, December 27, 2007


if you are reading this, welcome to my first ever blog! i actually have no idea why i started this, only that i thought it would be an interesting way to get my thoughts down and out, maybe get some feedback from you all, whoever you are.

my name is monique and i am beauty girl. i got this nickname from a friend years ago and it just stuck. you see, out of my friends, i am the girly, "frou-frou" one. i love fashion, beauty, wellness, etc., etc. i am always "put together" according to them, so because of this, i am beauty girl. not that i mind, it is the unique quality that sets me apart. my husband loves that i am the girl who has to have her "face on" and "be dressed" before she leaves the house. call it vanity or whatever, but to me it's a normal thing. my mother did it, still does it, and so do i.

so in this blog, i'll most likely be posting my thoughts on everything from, beauty and fashion to music and books, bussiness, anything that is on my mind at that moment. feel free to leave a blurb in the comments if you have questions, suggestions or feedback on my topics.

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