Saturday, January 12, 2008

9 years ago...

today is my anniversary! i have been married for 9 years to the love of my life, nicholas. he and i went to jr high together, but didn't meet until 9th grade and started dating our junior year. it has been amazing. of course by amazing, i think of the times i put him through heartache, took him for granted and broke up with him 3 times before we said "i do". his best friend questioned his sanity as he stood by me in my "drama". he always tells me even he didn't know why he did, but he knew it was right. i, obviously, finally realized i couldn't live without him, and so, at 19--just 2 weeks after my 19th birthday--i drove with him to vegas and got married.

of course, at the time, it was foolish. but i think that there was a romantic idea in not knowing. it was painful, though. arguments, and even facing divorce forced us to reevaluate. we loved each other. we got married. we said vows. we promised GOD that we would love honor and cherish each other through everything. we knew it would be work, but we did it.and we do it everyday. no, we don't fight as often. we have grown to communicate in everything, respecting the fact that we are still individuals and have our own opinions, but we are a team. we love each others quirky qualities. i love that he is my "practical" voice. he encourages me in pursuing my dreams yet keeps my feet on the ground. he makes me laugh when that's the last thing i want to do. he loves that i am a high maintenance girl: i refuse to leave the house without my "face" on, and i have to have a new pair of shoes "every time" he turns around. yes, i love cosmetics and skincare products, so he loves me in spite of that, too. (you can imagine what the bathroom and our closet look like!)

the last 9 years have brought us closer together. i have lost the "drama", and learned that being a wife means putting him before myself. in return he does that for me. we talk about everything. he is truly my best friend. i couldn't imagine my life without him. he is my prince charming. the man that every girl dreams of marrying: thoughtful, funny, romantic and encouraging--in their own version, of course. :)

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