Friday, February 15, 2008

5 ways to show you love him...

hey ladies! just because valentine's day is over, doesn't mean you can't still shower your man with love! this comes from the glam website. enjoy!

SHOWER HIM WITH FORGET-ME-NOTS: Go to a photo booth, take pictures of yourself holding a sign that says "I love you," and slip the strip into his book or latest magazine. Sneak love notes spritzed with your signature scent into his jacket pocket. Or text him sweet nothings—just because.

SAY IT WITH SOUND: Turn up the volume with a musical token of affection. Compile all the tunes that chronicle your romance and create a soundtrack of your relationship. Or sneak the new CD he's been wanting into his car stereo to give him an unexpected surprise on the road. If you're really ambitious, go for the ultimate tribute and write a song or poem just for him.

GET CRAFTY: Whip up a handmade, from-the-heart gift that showcases your creativity and adoration for him. Or customize a calendar by highlighting important personal dates, noting the game times of his favorite sports teams, and marking days with IOUs, like movie nights and back rubs.

DO HIM A FAVOR: Take one of his to-dos and turn it into an "I love you." Get his watch professionally polished, then wrap up the glistening gadget for him to open. Give him a written redeemable-anytime "hall pass" that gets him out of doing chores, hanging with the kids, or going to yet another chick flick with you. Other ideas? Wash his car, shine his shoes, or restock the bar.

PREPARE A ROMANTIC DINNER: Put a romantic spin on breakfast in bed by serving a delicious dinner spread between the sheets. Put together a bedroom picnic complete with light, easy-to-eat finger foods that won't make you too full for a post-meal frolic. Spoon-feed him his favorite dessert for a seductively sweet finish.

hope you'll you'll use or be inspird by these tips and ideas. have great weekend!

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