Saturday, February 16, 2008

hair therapy, part one: it started with an iron

i am always looking for a great hair treatment. while i am more than content with my current deep conditioning treatment, i thought i would try some other products on the market that boast claims of intense conditioning. here is a Reader's Digest version of my hair experiences to give you and idea as to why i need deep conditioners:

i have thick, coarse hair. and when i say thick, i mean i have enough hair to donate to at least 5 or 6 people and still have enough left over for myself. my mother always had such a hard time with it when i was a child. :) as i grew older, i experimented with many different products that could keep my hair under control. i was teased so much over the amount of hair i had (kids can be so mean). discovering mousse in 4th grade was like discovering gold to me, and i could never put too much in my hair. thinking of that now makes me laugh.

in jr. high, i wanted to try a different style other than curly. thus, my journey into heat styling began. i went the route my mother did, with the hair dryer and brush, but found i couldn't quite get the smoothness she could. her hair is a finer texture, thick, but not nearly to the degree of mine. so, when i complained of this, she sugessted something that i am embarassed to admit i ever did: iron my hair...

i know, it's crazy to think of doing today--thank goodness for my CHI-- but, at that time, 1994, it didn't seem like such a crazy idea. i was 14. so, i did it, and as i got older, i started to color my hair as well. i found that coloring my hair was always so thrilling because the conditioner that came with it always left my hair in such a beautiful state. it was shiny and soft, with not a trace of the damage i chose to do to it. i kept ironong my hair until about 16 when a fabulous stylist taught me the art of the blow out. more iron. :)

when i decided to stop coloring my hair 9 years ago, mainly so could see what i would look like with my natural color, i saw that it needed help. that's when i discovered, in addition to moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, deep conditioners would be the force that kept my hair in peak condition.

i deep condition every week, and i love it. i always get compliments on my hair-- i'm loving the thickness now-- and people can't ever believe it when i tell them of the teasing i endured as a child. i get regular trims and keep it in a long layered style. i like to curl it using my flat iron now, but on a rare occasion, i will wear it bone straight (see picture to the right).

well, i've since had my hair professionally colored and highlighted, but just a year ago, i had it colored as close to my own color as possible, and now have most of my natural color back again. it's nice to have my hair looking good, and i've got a handle on my hair styling routine, without an iron. :)

~this is how my hair looks most of the time now--yes, i do this with my flat iron-- minus the highlights~

the first review will be two products, recommended to be used together, by ENJOY

stay tuned..

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