Saturday, February 16, 2008

hair therapy, part two:

sometimes trying something new, especially on your hair, is a enough to cause a slight nervous feeling. maybe, it's just me, since i'm naturally a nervous person. everything makes me nervous. extreme nervousness is quite rare, but it's not unusual for me to have tiny butterflies fluttering in my stomach. i know in my head that i have no reason to be nervous (about most things, really), but my body doesn't really follow. and since i can't know how well a product will work without using it, i have no problem (in my head) trying it. :)

after shampooing my hair, i first sprayed on ENJOY Intensive Reconstructing Spray. this is described on the bottle as an amino acid reconstructing booster to be used with ENJOY Instant Reconstructor or ENJOY Hair Mask making them a minimum of 10x stronger. use once a week as needed to recondition distressed, weak or over-processed hair. bonds color, enhances chemical services and prevents further damage.

as i sprayed on the I.R.S, i noticed that it didn't feel soft at all. it was almost like sprying on water. but of course, this wasn't the deep conditioner, it was a booster. moving on...

after spraying my hair, i applied ENJOY Hair Mask over it without rinsing in between. the Hair Mask is an intensive smoothing mask for enriching dry and unruly hair. leaves your hair feeling soft, silky and easy to manage. the formula was thick, but not as thick as other products i have used in the past. the directions say the mask should be left on 2-5 minutes or as long as 20 minutes. i ended up rinsing it out after about 10 minutes.

my hair didn't feel as slippery as i expected. i rinsed it out completely, and after towel drying, i let my air dry. as it did, i noticed that it was drying smoothly. my hair wasn't frizzing up, and it felt amazingly soft. i let it dry almost completely, as i usually do, then i styled my hair as usual.

wow! i can honestly say i really like these products! i don't know how the Hair Mask would work on it's own, but i can imagine it would probably do a great job. my hair is shiny, well conditioned, and it smells great. not too heavy a smell, but a light, fruity floral that is very pleasant.

i am very happy with thes products and think you should definitely give them a try. i knew there was nothing to be nervous about! ;)

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