Monday, February 18, 2008

blog spotlight: My Wardrobe Today

My Wardrobe Today is a personal blog written by a woman named Allie . she has been keeping this blog since march 2005. on an almost daily basis, she posts photos of her outfit, hair and makeup. she lists what brands and products she uses as well. ocasionally, she does product reviews and answers questions from her readers. she also has a blog called Wardrobe Oxygen.

i love this blog because it's fun and honest. in one of her recent entries, she wrote about having the "i-hate-everything-in-my-closet" morning. she continues by explaining she had to choose another outfit, because what she planned on wearing (a new dress she'd ordered from J. Crew) just didn't fit right. i think every woman has had a morning like that! allie shares a small part of her world everyday, endures harsh comments (that she links to for her readers to see!), and has has fun while doing it.

this isn't a blog that get's too deep or tries to be philosophical, but that's ok. it's just fun and light. i love to read it each day (sometimes wishing i would have thought of the concept!), look at the pictures, and i also like the little tidbits of info that she shares as to why she chose her ensemble. many people, including myself, love this blog, and i think you will, too!

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