Monday, February 18, 2008

finding his scent

my hubby is a man who works hard, loves and takes care of his family, makes no excuses, and lives his life honestly. he's got a great sense of humor, is never afraid to be silly, but knows when it's time to be serious. he's a natural leader, confident in his abilities, and when it comes to style, i must say, he knows quite a bit more than most of the men we know.

the fashion sense hasn't always been there, though. he used to have a uniform of jeans and t-shirts that had to have the same brand logo as his basketball shoes. since high school, he has definitely matured into a well dressed man. he has his favorite celeb men he looks to for style influence, such as Justin Timberlake and David Beckham, but he also has his own personal style. he's aware of his own body frame (tall & lean), and is good about making sure his clothes make him look his best.

one thing my hubby doesn't wear is cologne. one day, he said, "i need a cologne, but i don't know what's out there. maybe you could help me find one."
well, of course, i was more than happy to pick up some samples for him-- a trip to Sephora!-- so he could smell the scents on himself (i would also give him my opinion, since i'm the one who would have to smell it on him). :)

the first cologne he tried was John Varvatos by John Varvatos. described as modern, bold, and sophisticated...infused with a sensuous yet relaxed feeling...elegant and and intriguing..., this scent is a woody oriental with notes of medjool date fruit, tamarind tree leaves, coriander seed templar, clary sage flower, indian ajowan, auramber, and leather essence.

when sprayed on hubby, it was a bit overpowering, but i liked it. as the scent dried down, it was quite a pleasant mix of spice and sweetness. it could be, if i think about it, too sweet, but the herbal notes kept it from becoming sickly. this, i thought, was a very masculine scent. while i liked the way it smelled, it didn't seem, to me, to be the type of scent that he would wear everyday. he liked it, too, but he wasn't pushing me out the door to buy him a bottle.

overall, John Varvatos is a wonderful cologne. it is mysterious with many subtle qualities that make it unique. i would recommend that you have have the man in your life give it a try. you may find it to be his perfect scent.

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