Sunday, February 10, 2008

happy valentine's week...

how is your weekend going? have you any plans for v-day? well, it is still 4 days away, but if you've been out shopping (for anything), you've noticed that it's quickly approaching. wow, it was only christmas yesterday...

just thought i'd let you know i found a great product for my hair by Jonathan Anton (the famous stylist who starred in his own reality show, Blow Out on Bravo--remember it?). it's called Silky Dirt Shine & Define Creme.

What it is formulated to do:
Perfect for dull or damaged hair, Silky Dirt helps create amazing supermodel shine, plus sexy, natural, long hair definition as it protects the hair from damage and color fading and adds brilliance, body, and control.

i have heard many great things about other products by Jonathan, so i didn't hesitate to try this one when i received a sample. first off, i noticed that it is a vegan product. this means there are no animal products in it, and no animals were tested in the process of making it (awesome). when i put it on my hands (and you don't need alot), i noticed a pleasant, creamy almond smell that my daughter described as smelling like ice cream.

now, i have very, very thick hair that i style with my flat iron --curled or straight-- and i sometimes have little fly-away hairs that need some product. the silky dirt worked great. it smoothed the fly-aways and gave my hair control without stiffness. it added shine, but i didn't notice and added body (i don't need it anyway!). i sometimes applyed it all over my hair, but most of the time i applied it where i needed it. i would suspect that if you have, thin fine hair this product should be used very sparingly. you don't want your hair to look greasy or too "piece-y".

this product is available in two sizes: 3.35oz and 1.7oz at sephora or

so, i highly recommend this product and plan to buy a full size for myself. my sample is almost gone!


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