Monday, February 11, 2008

monday musings...

so, did you catch the grammy's last night? wow! they were fabulous! i was, i must say, pleasantly surprised. shows in past years have left me kicking myself for staying up to watch (mainly in hopes that it would get better at some point), but last night was very entertaining! i do admit, i didn't stay up for the entire broadcast, but i did see the whole show (thank you TiVo!).

i especially love music in all genres. it's something that was never lacking in my home growing up as a child, or now with my own hubby and kids. music is a staple. i really enjoyed all the performances, but was especially touched by Kanye West's tribute to his mom--i don't think there was a dry eye in the house. i loved seeing Miss Tina work it (!) with Beyonce, and Fergie with John Legend gave me goosebumps. i was also glad to see the Foo Fighters perform as they are one of my favorite rock bands. :)

overall, the grammy's didn't disappoint. when it came to style, it was a great night for bashing the "what were they thinking" ensembles and for admiring the fashion hits. congrats to all the winners!

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