Wednesday, February 13, 2008

how to wear belts

somtimes i stand in my closet doing what most women do at some point: complain that i have nothing to wear, or that i'm bored with what i have. i don't want to wear the same things over and over agin. but i know better. i have plenty of clothes to wear. i just need new perespctive. so, sometimes i will pull items out and just start experimenting. it's can be time consuming, and it requires imagination, but it's about keeping the look fresh. fashion magazines give me great inspiration, and even seeing women around town can spark ideas. seeing certain pieces put together can work as a springboard for creating a style all your own.

who what wear daily is a fashion site for the fashion lover. Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr created the site to be a place to see what the celebs are wearing, not who they are seeing or breaking up with. their manifesto: We don't care who you date or if you eat. We only care about what you wear.

in addition to their website, the girls have created Who What Wear TV, a 3-4 minute video podcast that features the celeb inspiration for examples (who), guidlines for the trend or look featured (what), and finally they put the peices together to show you how it looks (wear). all in all, it's a great (and quick) resource for insight on keeping your look current. sometimes, it's just some little additions to your wardrobe that can make a huge difference. i featured one of their videos back in january, and i will continue to feature them for you. you can also find these clips on itunes.

in this episode, the girls demonstrate how to wear belts. yes, it may seem like an easy enought thing to do, but check out their fresh ideas:


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