Tuesday, February 12, 2008

mid-week happenings

i have been doing something for the past week that i never thought i would ever do: wear flat shoes.

it all started last week when my kness started bothering me. it's not a new thing, but something that has come up for many years. it's genetic (thanks mom), and it's also irritated because sometimes, i think, i push a liitle too hard in my workouts. but, i never do certain excercises because i know that i'll be in pain later.

well, the opposite was true this time. i took a mental break from all of my herat (and body) pounding workouts to focus more on my yoga practice, and give myself some time to mentally recharge. well, in that time, my knees started to bother me. so much in fact, it was hard for me to even get up and down the stairs in my house--not good. i saw the doctor, and while she didn't see anything to be worried about or abnormal in the x-rays, she referred me to a specialist. until i see that doctor, i will be wearing flats because i've nearly fallen from unsable knees and more unstable heels. i pulled out the one pair of ballet flats i have, given to me as a gift 3 years ago, and i bought another pair as well.

it has been quite different, that is for sure. i only wear flat shoes to the gym: my running shoes. i love heels. i have them in every style: stiletto, platform, wedge, strappy, you name it. they give my 5'3 frame more length. and since my legs are long for my height, it doesn't really look like i'm short trying to be tall. in, fact, when i tell people how tall i am, they are always shocked. i, mean, they know that i wear heels (always the girly-girl), but i think because i also have good posture, i appear to be taller.

so, i have much to discover in the flat shoe world. i've seen many cute styles that i think i might try. of course, i'm not looking to invest too much because as soon as i have the ok, (and my knees feel better) i'll be back in my heels. but i won't shy away from the flats so much anymore. :)


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