Tuesday, February 12, 2008

a little package of color...arriving soon

happy friday! how was your valentine's day? hopefully it was was full of love...even if you didn't do anything or go anywhere! remember, love is somthing to be shared everyday. :)

yesterday i went out for a pedicure with my friend. we had fun talking about the latest life events, and laughing when the nail techs scrubbed our feet (we're both ticklish). it's always fun to just have girl time, isn't it?

one thing that is great about getting a pedicure, other than not having to do it yourself, is that the salon always has such huge collection of poilish colors. i like to try different colors everytime, and since we're heading into spring, i decided to try a beautiful deep pink color called Passion for NY fashion by OPI. as soon as it was applied, i knew it was a fabulous color for me.

occasionally, when i love a nail color so much, i'll go out and buy it. i know that there may come a time when i want to wear it again, so i purchase the color to add to what i call my personal "love-this-color" collection. and this nail color is defintely one that i would love to wear often, especially this season.

when i got home, i went online only to discover that this color was discontinued! how typical...

i was a little discouraged, but found that it is still being sold on sites like EBay. i suppose i could have searched for a similar color, but sometimes you just can't settle for a "similar" color. so, needless to say, i found a highly recommended seller, and i bought it! the bottle is new, and the price after shipping wasn't too much more than what i would have paid for it at my local beauty supply.

so, now i wait for my little package of discontinued nail color to arrive...

here's to a beautiful spring!


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