Monday, February 4, 2008


because i have a two young children, i find myself correcting them quite often. i have to correct wrong behavior, correct wrong attitudes and help them to correct mistakes. mistakes with homework, crafts, or just a simple mistake--for my 4 year old son--of putting on a shirt backwards.

mistakes happen. it's part of life. they're not always pleasant things to encounter, however, there are beautiful lessons that are taught through them, and we can always find someone, or something to help us.

in the case of make-up, mistakes happen all the time. too much blush, lipliner too dark for the lipstick worn, a foundation line (ugh), whatever. these mistakes, hopefully, will teach us to keep practicing and learning. by doing so, we will be better (looking) for it.

for me, my biggest mistake always happens with my mascara. my hand slips, and i smudge mascara on my face. i sneeze while my lashes are still wet, and i get a nice thick black line under my eye or, i'm in a hurry and my wand goes above and beyond my top lashes to give me the imprint of the wand. does this happen to you? maybe it's something similar that happens. well, i've discovered a product that can help. it's the Revlon Make Up Eraser Pen. this handy little thing is great for touch ups during the day or for those typical mistakes made during the application process. the tip is similar to a felt tip pen, and is great for cleaning up around the eye area without disturbing the rest of your make-up. it does remove the make-up that is under the smudge or smear, and you have to wipe the skin dry using a q-tip or your finger wrapped in a tissue. however, it really takes the hassel out of having to start all over. it is also great for cleaning up lipstick mistakes.

so, as revlon says, undo your mistakes, not your make-up. and while this won't help my son get his shirt on straight or help my daughter write neater, at least i now have a solution for the mascara mistakes i make!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this tip! I always have that problem with making those mistakes.