Monday, February 4, 2008

what's your pet peeve?

pet peeves are little annoyances that can instill frustration or irratiation in an individual. some people have pet peeves about grammar. others complain about people who don't use turn signals while driving. you may be reading this irritated that i don't capitalize nouns. i do capitalize when neccesary, but i find that it is just easier for me to type this way. so, if it bothers you, i'm sorry. if you didn't notice before, you will now. :)

i personally have many pet peeves. one in particular peeve of mine is one i have to see everyday when i take my kids to school: moms in pajamas and/or wearing slippers. these women have no time to at least throw on some jeans and a t-shirt? seriously, would it kill them to put on shoes? ewww, i don't even want to know what kind of germs are on those things...
it's not just the moms in the morning at the school, but around town in the middle of the day! big, baggy pajama pants, an old sweatshirt and...slippers!!

don't get me wrong, i understand the desire to be comfortable. but being dressed in clothes that should stay within the walls of your home? no.

so, here are some chic, yet comfortable, alternatives to the "pajamas in public" look:

banana republic --this dress is in a flattering wrap-style and the silk/cotton blend makes it oh-so comfy.

gap-- throw this fabulous wrap coat over simple jeans and a cami for a very pulled together look.

old navy-- this is what comfort should look like. the wedges make you look like you put in some effort...

banana republic-- these trouser style jeans are crisp and modern, the sweater is simple, and when accessorized with color--hello mama!

old navy-- jeans in color are so fun for spring. add a cotton ruffle top and sandals for the ultimate comfy style.

banana republic-- another chic look--no more excuses!!


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