Tuesday, February 5, 2008

just do it

today is the big day! get out and vote!

ok, off my soap box and onto some fun stuff....

today i thought i'd offer up some more on nourishing yourself beautiful with these easy tips, suggestions and yummy, healthy recipes. in no particular order--my mind is racing...enjoy!

**when you are stressed, go work out. exercise (walking, running, biking, swimming, etc.) takes your mind off the everyday stresses of work, kids, bills, traffic and the choice to decide who you want to run the country (oh, maybe that's just me...?). also, excercise keeps your immune system under control, so you're sick less.

**don't forget ressitance training! just 20 minutes a day, 2-3 days a week will not only help to burn extra calories, but it will also tone you up and strengthen your bones.

**using anti-aging creams and serums may help, but using sunscreen daily will truly help to fight off those wrinkles. of course, genetics plays a large part in how we age, however, the sun does nothing to slow it down. to make wearing sunscreen easy, buy a moisturizer for your skin type that contains an spf of at least 15. rub not only onto your face, but your neck and chest. you might also consider investing in a lotion with an spf for your arms and hands. remember, also, that if you plan to be out in the sun for long periods of time you should use a higher spf, but reapply every two hours, as a higher spf doesn't mean the protection lasts longer.

**learn something new everyday. it's simple. read the paper and read about a subject you usually are not interested in, try a new recipe, learn to say hello in a different language (other than spanish, french or german), google a country and read about it's culture, or the good old "pick-a-word-out-of-the-dictionary-and-use-it-in-a-sentence-today" works fine.

**sleep! most of us don't get enough of it. we stay up late, get up early and live on caffiene. studies have shown that sleep helps to maintain a healthy weight, keep stress levels low, and it is also the time when our bodies replenish and renew themselves. sleep also helps to keep the brain function at it's best (no more searching... for.........words)

**give someone a hug. you'll feel better no matter how you were feeling before.

**try multi-grain pasta with sweet potatoes and leeks. this recipe is nutritious, packed with protien, and the pasta isn't the base of the meal.

**a great healthy--and fast!--meal is this turkey-garlic stir fry. i love stir frying. it's ipmple, easy and a very healthy way to cook.

**going green is easier than ever now days, and it makes me feel beautiful when i know that i am doing something to help the environment. invest in reusable shopping bags. they are sold almost everywhere now. keep them in your car or in your trunk, so they will be with you on the trip to the store. if you find yourself in the store without them, walk back out to your car to get them (burn some calories, strengthen your bones, reduce stress). some stores will give you money off for bringing in your own bags.

**keep your make-up brushes clean. make-up brushes offer a great way to apply make-up to your face, but can harbor bacteria if not kept clean. i have many brushes--some are for the same purpose, so i wash whichever brushes i use in the morning at night. a simple mild cleanser or baby shampoo will work, but there are products that are made specifically for cleaning your brushes. wet the bristles only, add the cleanser to your hand, and swirl the brush bristles in your hand in a circular motion. if you don't do this often you will see so much product has been lingering in your brush. rinse until the water runs clear, squeeze out excess water and lay the brushes flat to air dry on a paper or cloth towel.

**did you know that your brain needs excercise just like your body? the everyday workload or daily schedule leaves little room for your brain to be challenged. there are many products on the market now that encourage daily brain activities to keep the brain sharp. nintendo launched the DS to not only act as a new way for gamers to play, but also to challenge it's users with games such as Brain Age to train the brain to maintain, and even improve, mental ability, and My Word Coach to expand the vocabulary. my hubby and i gave the pink ds to our daughter for christmas along with the my word coach game (and others), and i found myself playing it everyday. it keeps the mind sharp and working beautifully. another way to train your brain is through a podcast on itunes called BrainReady. it allows you to go on with daily activities and incorporate brain training exercises at the same time by listening. the BrainReady website also has great articles on great foods, drinks and supplements to add to your diet for brain health as well as workbooks and printable worksheets.

**laugh. do i have to explain this one? really, just try it... :)


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