Tuesday, February 5, 2008

this is fabulous!

i believe a girl can never have too many eyeshadows. i love eyeshadow, and i think that M.A.C makes some of the best. i say some because i know that there are other companies with eyeshadows just as good on the market. one such company has created a cult following in recent years: NYX Cosmetics. they have the buzz-worthy eyeshadows, rich in pigment and long-lasting in wear. i love that these 'shadows come in singles (well over a hundred to choose from) or trios (45 combos to choose from), each retailing for less than $8. i have a few of the trios in my train case, and i can't say enough about them.

sometimes, quality is a concern when purchasing a make-up product or an item of clothing. in alot of cases, poor quality is associated with low cost. for clothes, it's usually ok to buy something for less that is a "hot trend". it won't be so hot in three months, so why spend an excessive amount of money? (of course, lately, many clothing designers are creating lines at price points for the not-so-wealthy that are very well made.) for make-up, buying a so-called "cheap" product is mostly for a novelty purposes-- a costume party or an outrageous look for a night out. it's usually not a product that will be used very often , if again. at least not for awhile. :)

such is not the case for some new 'shadows i found at my local walgreen's. it's not an new product line to me (or anyone for that matter). it's actually a brand that i associate with my childhood. can you guess? it's none other than the oh-so affordable Wet N Wild cosmetic line. shocked? you shouldn't be! wet n wild has revamped their entire line and is being profiled more and more as the inexpensive go-to brand. i have loved the eyeliners and lip glosses for years. i never thought that their eyeshadows would be so incredibly fabulous!

i purchased the Mega Eyes Eyeshadow Trio after reading a review and since each trio is only $2.99, i decided it was worth a try. wow!! i was blown away. really. these 'shadows are very pigmented, go on smooth and lasted all day. another plus: they are not tested on animals (woo-hoo!). i was so impressed, i went out and bought 2 more trios. i plan to complete my collection this week!

so, maybe price and quality shouldn't always be tied together. high priced make-up or clothing could well be poor in quality, and vice-versa. i think wet n wild is challenging M.A.C to a showdown... ;)


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