Thursday, March 6, 2008

get ready to go nude

M.A.C introduced us to the N Collection, now Bobbi Brown, the make-up queen herself, has designed a beautiful new palette of gorgeous nudes shades just in time for spring!

Bobbi says "the nude collection was inspired by color i see naturally in women's faces. nude makeup is pure genius because it's easy to apply and it enhances the natural tones of your skin. it's the perfect choice for anyone who loves a naturally sexy look."

and with all of the color and fabulous fabrics going on in spring fashion, this nude look looks fresh and modern!

This gorgeous Nude Lip & Eye Palette includes:

Buff Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
Nude Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow
Bare Eye Shadow
Naked Eye Shadow
Bare Lip Color
Beige Lip Color
Brownie Pink Lip Color
Cocoa Lip Color

Also in this collection is four New Glitter Lip Gloss shades:

Almost Bare

be inspired to go bare this season. try it for yourself, and be gorgeous!


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