Saturday, March 8, 2008

hair therapy: wella

i've been sick for a good part of the past week, and i can say, i was looking forward to a little pampering.

Wella is a very well-known salon brand that is loved by many stylists. fortunately, i was able to purchase this product about a month ago at a discount (50% thankyouverymuch). i am happy that i waited to try it because i think it is fabulous!

this product is called BIOTOUCH Nutri-Care Extra Rich Nutrition Intensive Mask , and is a caring intensive mask for damaged hair. this product provides intense, long-lasting nourishment, repairs damaged hair, and seals the hair structure to help protect against further damage.

after shampooing my hair, i applied this thick conditioner to my hair, and my prediction was that it would be a great product for my hair. with ingredients including almond extract and vitamin e, it felt like a nice coat of moisture for my hair.

i left it in for about 7 minutes, and while rinsing, i could feel the difference in my hair already. it rinsed out well, and didn't leave a filmy residue. combing through my hair was easy, and my hair air dried to an almost frizz-free state. after curling with my flat iron, my hair is shiny, soft and manageable.

i'm so happy with this product, i think i'm going to use it until it run out. i will be sad, but then i can return to my "deep conditioning" series. until then...

...have a fabulous weekend!


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