Sunday, March 2, 2008

hair therapy...part four: TRESemme

here i am again, in search of a new deep conditioner. so far, the past three have worked quite well. i beleive that the ENJOY product is in the lead. :)

i personally love TRESemme products, and finding out that there are additional products available in their Moisture Rich line made me search high and low for them. come to find out, the one i was looking for wasn't available in stores, but thankfully everything is online.

i purchased TRESemme Deep Quench Conditioning Treatment at i was excited to try this, since i already use the shampoo and conditioner. this treatment promises to revitalize tired, dry strands with keratin, silicones and panthenol. it can be used daily, so it doesn't build up or weigh hair down.

it was a little different using this, because the treatment comes after the shampoo, then followed by the conditioner. i have to be honest, and say that i didn't really feel much of a difference in my hair than if i would have just used the shampoo and conditioner. too bad, too, since i was rooting for this one!

try it and see if you like it at

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