Tuesday, March 4, 2008

under the weather

i haven't been feeling well lately, and this morning i was hit with a blow (emotionally) that had me feeling down all day...

tomorrow my family and i are going to disneyland, so i'm hoping that i will feel better. my son is turning 5, and he is so excited. technically, he won't be 5 until friday, but i'm not willing to go to disneyland on a friday!

i can't wait to watch his face as he discovers all that that is disneyland. we took our daughter there when she turned 5, so this will be her second time going. thankfully, we were able to purchase passes, so we will utilize them to the fullest extent! i'm so excited myself to see all the new attractions that have been added in the past three years. it should be a great day for the family.

do something fun with your family this week. even if it's a trip to the park or a night out. don't put it off. make a plan, stick to it, and have fun!


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