Thursday, March 13, 2008

timesaver: neutrogena make-up remover towelettes

i am what some would call a "night person". i get most of my energy from 5pm on until i go to bed. i shoot for 9 but it's always somewhere between 10 and 11.

on the nights that i have pushed myself through a 18+ hour day (i wake up at 5:30am), the last thing i really want to do is go through my entire makeup removal routine. i just want to be in bed sleeping. as skin savvy as i am, i know better. so, i turn to a dear friend that helps me speed through the night's ritual.

neutrogena make-up removing towelettes are a genius product that not only removes makeup, but eye makeup, dirt and oil, without leaving a residue or over-drying the skin. i love that! it's convenient, quick, and gives me piece of mind that my skin is clean when i go to bed. now, if only i could get there by 9....

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