Saturday, March 22, 2008

tuesday musings...

men, well, i'll say the majority of men, don't like to shop. to them it's about knowing what you want, trying it on if you have to, buying it and getting out of the store.

for women, on the other hand, again i'll say the majority, shopping is a thrill. it's an adventure. sure, you may go out for a specific something in mind, but usually you see another item that inspires you to look for something else, you can't find your size or it's not in a color that flatters you, and so on and so forth.

men have the luxury when it comes to shopping: knowing their size. and that's the same size everywhere. for us ladies we have to search, which is the main reason shopping is such a long process.

i find it funny that in one store i'm a 2 and in another a 4. occasionally i'll get the store where i'm a 6. and none of this should be upsetting, right? wrong. how frustrating! why can't we have the same sizing system? why can't we just know our size and be able to find it wherever we wanted to buy it from in that trip? i'm ranting now, but i'm sure you feel the same way. we must stay positive. shopping is fun and we have a very valid excuse for shopping "all day"! until there is a universal sizing system, we ladies will have to "deal" with the searching, trying on and leaving the store with nothing despite our efforts. we have to accept that one store's size isn't who we are, and it shouldn't get you down. my advice: acknowledge the size you are in stores "a, b and c" , then when you get home, with fabulous clothes that fit you, cut out the size tags.

shopping is about the hunt, the experience and ultimately, the story of finding that amazing piece that makes you feel beautiful. we should enjoy the time we have experimenting with new shapes or discovering a great sale. let's celebrate the fact that we are in an amazing fashion phase. the clothes are beautiful, the colors are cheerful and there is something to make us all look great, no matter what shape or size we are. it's just a matter of finding it.

too bad the guys have to miss out on everything! :)


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