Thursday, April 17, 2008

Let's Go Green!

the title of this post takes me back to my days as a varsity cheerleader...our school colors were green and white. everywhere we cheered, we almost always made reference to our main color, green. ahh, memories....

now days the term "go green" has a very understood definition of doing and using products that help the environment. it means discovering the "alternative", more natural way to approach the way we clean, travel and live. taking responsibility for the choices we make when it comes to products we buy and resources we use also makes an impact. i especially love this because for may years, i have tried my best to do little things everyday to help.

as earth month continues and earth day (april 22) approaches, think about this: what can you do each day to help the environment? what small change could you make to make sure the planet you live on today will be better for those who live on it tomorrow? will you recycle? ride a bike? buy a reusable water bottle? maybe you'll invest in a hybrid vehicle or plant trees. whatever it is, your help makes a difference!

starting today, Total Beauty begins it's Totally Green Campaign. this promotion will run from now until june 5. each day, seven lucky people will win gift cerificates or eco-friendly brand products. second teir prizes include diamond jewlery (hello!?) and eco-spa trips. the grand prize...drumroll please...a Saturn Hybrid Vue full of eco-beauty products fron Origins, Sephora, Raw Natural Minerals, Tela Beauty Organics and Suki Pure Skincare! wow...

so what are you waiting for? head on over to Total Beauty, find a product to write a reveiew about and be entered into Total Beauty's biggest contest to date! good luck...

and don't forget...go green!


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