Tuesday, April 8, 2008

look of the day: What I Wore Today

something different for the look of the day...

today i bring you not one look, but the looks of one person, through her blog, What I Wore Today.

Kasmira of cincinnati, ohio, is a bona-fide cat lady, homebody, wanna-be writer, and faux extrovert , who is never afraid to be daring or bold in her choice of daily wear. i admire how she uses her wardrobe to be a creative outlet, always splashing color into the mix. whether it be a bright tee or yellow heels, she's always fun and a truly fabulous example of a woman who knows her body and dresses it accordingly. it always works. i love her blog and i think you will too!

chek it out...tell me what you think!


Photos: Kasmira

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