Monday, April 28, 2008

monday musings....

i intended to do posts like all the time when i first started this blog. i had to stop and ask myself why i haven't done something a post like this in so long.

ok, enough with beating myself up...we are all busy, and we forget to do things. that is a fact of life. i sometimes find that i haven't talked to a friend on the phone in weeks, and i'm like, "what is going on?" it makes me sad, but it's true.

but what if your life feels as if it's in fast forward? what if you want things to slow down. hubby complains sometimes about being so fast paced, and asks, "why can't things just slow down for a minute?"

i agree. we could all use some down time now and again. it seems we forget to take care of the one who is always taking care of others. well, i just have to say, STOP! at least for a few minutes...

*try some deep breathing. this calms the body and brings awareness to what you are doing. it helps to oxygenate the blood and will give you energy. trust me, it's a good thing.

*do something fun! try a new activity, sit down and revisit an old hobby you haven't done in awhile. things like this give the mind something else to focus on, and gives yourself a creative outlet that you may have been depriving yourself from.

*call a friend. as i mentioned before, sometimes we put off calling those we care about because other things come up, then time gets away from us. don't put it off, call your friend right'll be happy you did.

*buy yourself a present. ok...lets be reasonable, of course. don't go out and buy yourself something you know you really can't afford. i'm talking about a small, less than $20 gift. that covers a wide variety of things, so go ahead and splurge!

*read. get lost in a book for a change. turn off the computer (well not just yet, finish reading my post first...), and get lost in that book you put down months ago. set a timer for 30 minutes and allow yourself the time to have a little getaway. history, fiction, mystery, self-help, whatever subject it is, reading is always beneficial.

*take a walk. we all know physical activity is vitial to our well being, so do i really have to elaborate with this one? well, there is also the benefits of getting some fresh air, people watching, seeing birds fly by, and just listening to all the sounds around you. i love doing's so calming.

so just a short list, but really, come can do it! stop and take some time for yourself. it will only improve the way you feel. life is to be enjoyed, not stressed over!

have fun and be fabulous!

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