Thursday, April 17, 2008

review: NYX Tinted Lip Spa

first, i have to say that i purchased this product on a whim. the word spa really caught my eye, so i decided, why not? since i had never had any experience with NYX in terms of lip color (and i am in love with their eye colors), it was about time i gave it a shot...

i picked the color called Matador, a brown peachy pink. when i applied it, it went on smoothly, with a nice glossy texture. it is very moisturizing and not thick at all. the color is sheer and a great nude on me. i assume it would be a great versatile color on most people because it is neutral color, and, because it is sheer, it's the type of product that could easily be applied without a mirror. i love that! after it is on the lips, the spa aspect of this product came into play: a minty, cool sensation on my lips that didn't burn. ahh...

my lips feel great when i use this! this super moisturizing, sheer and cooling color truly make this a treat for the lips. i can't say enough good things about it! if you think you deserve a treat, pick this one up, try it for yourself and tell me what you think!

NYX Tintied Lip Spa comes in ten fabulous colors, and they are ready to pamper you!


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