Wednesday, April 16, 2008

look of the day: a bright white smile

we all want to have bright white teeth. there are so many products on the market today that help to whiten and promise to brighten. skip the peroxide and harsh treatments that can actually weaken enamel and look for tooth pastes with more gentle whitening ingredients.

there are also some easy, inexpensive ways to keep your teeth looking their best:

*snack on celery — or carrots or cucumbers. these foods require lots of chewing, which steps up saliva production and flushes away stains, says New York City dentist Lana Rozenberg.

*chew sugarless gum or have a quick swish with water after you eat or drink to eliminate stains.

*when drinking dark-colored fluids (coffee, cola), try to keep them from touching the front sides of your teeth. Or use a straw.

*floss. it helps erase stains between teeth.

*stop smoking. tobacco is the top tooth stainer — and you don’t want all your at-home whitening work to go to waste.

get that smile camera-ready people! think about all the pics you'll be taking this summer... (smile)


source: instyle and real simple

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