Thursday, May 8, 2008

countdown to mother's day: gift ideas part three, continued

my mom asked me the other day to get her a Macy's gift card for mother's day because she wanted to get some MAC products that she was running low on. that got me thinking about the most practical gift you could give your mom for her special day: a gift card.

gift cards are, to my hubby at least, the best gift to give. i think so, too. mainly because it will save your mom the trouble of returning something if she doesn't like it. it will save you from worrying about whether she likes it or not and everyone will be happy in the end.

of course, it could go the other way. it could be seen as too informal, not personal enough. but, i think if you can get a gift card from a fabulous little store that your mom loves, than do so. it will show her that you care enough to go out of your way for her. you may not know exactly what to get, but you'll know she can purchase something that she will absolutely adore.

so skip the Target or other mass retailer gift cards, unless you know she will love it. wrap it up with a little something from the store. she'll be thrilled!!


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