Thursday, May 8, 2008

countdown to mother's day: part four

if your mom is into music, she probably carries an ipod or has a fabulous music collection at home in the form of cd, cassettes and vinyls.

give her the gift of music this year. check out these albums if you haven't already...

Leona Lewis Spirit is a mix of fresh pop and R&B, filled with songs with a contemporary edge...her single, Bleeding Love, is currently the #1 downloaded song on itunes...

one of my personal favs (i've owned the entire album since last summer), Sara Bareilles, Little Voice, is a jazzy-pop album with unexpected saltiness...

Jack Johnson recorded his fourth album, Sleep Through the Static, using nothing but solar power. the sedate singer transforms the acoustic campfire strums of the past into sublime, soulful ruminations on his wife, kids, and the state of the world. he even manages to conjure up some real anger on the title track, which is hardly diminished by its lavish grooves and glistening harmonies.

after delivering a gold-selling debut and three consecutive top 5 singles to country radio, "American Idol" favorite Josh Gracin released his much anticipated sophomore album, We Weren't Crazy, on April 1, 2008.
Josh Gracin's new CD, We Weren't Crazy allows audiences to take a more personal look inside the life of the "American Idol" season 2 finalist and former Marine. Josh worked with producers Marty Williams and Brett James on the CD's eleven tracks.

go to or itunes for more music recommendation for that groovy mom of yours.

...did i just say groovy???


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Jennifer said...

i too love sara b's songs. i have "love song" on my ipod and i listen to it over and over again. great choices! : )