Thursday, May 8, 2008

Superstar Skin, Courtesy of Bioelements

are you a fan of American Idol? do you ever watch and wish you knew what makes them look so fabulous?

ok, i know you're smart enough to know that there are makeup artists behind the flawless finishes. but do you know what makes the makeup look even better? great skin!

skincare is so important to having your makeup work best for you. many times we try to hide our imperfections with makeup, but if our skin isn't prepped and ready for it, it could end up looking worse than before you applied it.

so what skincare products are being used to create such a fabulous look for them?

makeup artist Tifanie White only uses the best products on their skin to give them an idol glow. with Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, and Martie McGuire of The Dixie Chicks also on her client list, White is an expert at keeping her clients’ skin looking pristine through every performance. so what are her faves?

Bioelements Moisture Positive Cleanser, a rich lotion cleanser with a mild foaming action that gently cleanses skin to leave it hydrated, radiant and refreshed. contains healing Bioelements Adaptogens and aromatherapist oils. "it’s the best-smelling cleanser i have ever smelled", says White.

Bioelements Recovery Serum, a silky serum that gives an exceptional smooth-as-glass finish. applied after moisturizer, it allows the lipids to penetrate along with the moisturizer ingredients. "what a beautiful product," says White, "it always gives a glow."

and because all eyes are on the mouths of her singing clients, White recommends Bioelements Instant Emollient, an ultra-rich moisture stick for lips which instantly relives dryness and prevents chapping. "it does moisturize and heal the lips," she says, "while other lip treatments seem to only temporarily soothe the lips, this makes their lips noticeably less chapped."

looking like a star is never a bad thing-- you'll get the looks and compliments for looking fabulous without the annoying paparazzi stalking you.

all these products, and more, are available at Bioelements spas nationwide ( for locations) or online at or


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