Monday, May 26, 2008

Jessica Galvan + Color = Fabulous Hair

Jessica Galvan transformed Victoria Beckham into a calfornia blonde way back when. remember when Victoria Beckham was a blonde? yeah, it might be hard to remember now, but when she decided to go from platinum blonde to deep brunette, she enlisted Jessica Galvan once more.

Galvan's celebrity clients include Ali Landry, Amanda Bynes, Josie Maran and Paula Abdul. her amazing talent brought a brilliant color to Ms. Beckham. but not just any brown. the combination of Galvan’s expertise and Beckham’s input resulted in Beckham’s dynamic and rich brunette color which used as many as six different shades of brown.

i happen to think the Victoria looks fabulous as a brunette, but of course, that is how i got to know her in the 90's (i was a teenager- ahh memories).

Galvan prefers that color-corrected brunettes skip the pool whenever possible since chlorine makes rich browns turn brassy and coppery.

so what's her Rx for keeping your color looking it's richest?

first, wear a scarf over your hair while at the beach or our hiking to protect hair from fading. use Kerastase Vernis Nutri-Sculpt to make hair superglossy. and lastly, use Redken Color Extend Shampoo to help prevent brassiness.

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source: elle and ny @ pk & a

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