Wednesday, May 21, 2008 introduces Search By Best Deals

if you live in the NY area, hopefully by now you've tried out the fabulous service of

this online resource helps you to find the best spa, fitness, health and beauty services online without having to call around for prices or openings. it's amazing!

now Lifebooker introduces a new feature, the "search by best deals" tool. this tool helps you to, well, find the best deal! now you lucky new yorkers can easily search the site by discount on preferred services via Lifebooker's exclusive new search engine which instantly displays a list of the desired service in order of deepest discount (e.g. 50%, 40%, 30%, 20% off the original price.)

Lifebooker currently works with over 100 of the NY area's top beauty, spa, fitness and health providers (New York City and Brooklyn) with additional markets to open in the near future. the service allows customers to compare services, prices, availability, search by exclusive discounts, earn rewards, read real reviews and book even last minute all with the ease of a few key-strokes.


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Jamie said...

Oh yay! As if I didn't already love Lifebooker enough. :) Thanks for the heads up!