Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lisa Hoffman Spa Facial Packette

packing for a trip, or getting ready anywhere that isn't home, is always a task to plan for. the Spa Facial Packette has allowed us "on the go" people the ability to take a fabulous treat along with us. Lisa Hoffman has created, as i told you in a previous post, a line that provides it's customers with fabulous products that come in full-sized and travel-size ampules to choose from.

the Spa Facial Packette is a single packette containing mini doses of all ten products in the Spa Facial collection. used as a once or twice a week treatment system, the Spa Facial serves to remove dead skin for maximum cell renewal, hydration, firming, and nourishing to promote healthy, supple radiance.

instructions are provided with explanation of what each product does and the active ingredients it contains. i love that each ampule is numbered as well as labeled, so it's very user-friendly!

my favorites in this collection are the masks (a clay mask and a hydrating mask) and the eye treatment. i can never get enough of these types of products. and when they are good, it's even better! you will love the way your skin looks when you get to the end and have sealed in all of the benefits with the Moisture Seal Cream!

Lisa Hoffman Spa Facial Packette retails for $35, and cam be found at select retailers and online at



Tales of a Diva Housewife said...

I've heard great things about this skincare line. This is actor Dustin Hoffman's wife, right? I'm going to check it out - the price is great!


Girl-Woman said...

What a little treat to take on a trip. Thanks for the tip.