Saturday, May 17, 2008

Total Beauty Blogger Summit: Day One

yesterday was day one for me, and i couldn't figure out how to connect my computer until this morning.

so to recap...the day began with a fabulous tour of some beauty "hot spots" including a tour and breakfast at Kate Somerville, a visit to the L'Oreal store at the Beverly Center, a fabulous time at Anastasia in Beverly Hills, and our last stop was the Murad Clinic.

i was overwhelmed with all of the stops, as they were generous enough to give each of us bags of "goodies". there is so much, i really haven't had time to look through everything thoroughly, but i do know that i want to share my "wealth" with you in the coming weeks.

the evening ended with a great cocktail reception at Intelligent Beauty.

so, as you might imagine, by the end of the night, i was ready for bed!

stay tuned for more...we have a fabulous day ahead of us!

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