Saturday, May 17, 2008

Total Beauty Blogger Summit: day two, morning session

we've had a fabulous breakfast, and heard from Emrah Kovacoglu the CEO and founder of Total Beauty. i was so excited to hear how the concept for Total Beauty was conceived and why Total Beauty is becoming such a force in the beauty world:

women really wanted a way to find out if products worked because they were so frustrated with product claims, and found results to be disappointing. focus groups were developed asking women what they wanted and why they wanted "real" people to give their experience with the product.

isn't that fabulous? the idea that we can now go to a website to find real answers and real reviews is so easy, and we, ourselves, can also contribute.

so go to, write a review, read a review, and know we are all helping each other to find the products that really work, what products make a difference, and what products aren't worth spending your money on.

stay tuned...


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