Tuesday, June 3, 2008

BYSOG...the next generation of great handbags

i discovered this amazing handbag collection and designer, and i had to introduce you!

Bysog means handbag in armenian, and is the brainchild of maker/designer Vic Vartanian. the line is an extension of his father's influence as a well-known and respected leather factory owner, called Manolucci, in the heart of New York's fashion district..

Vic was introduced to the fashion world immediately as a child, but over the course of his childhood and teenage years, he was a typical teenager. his rebellious attitude often got him in loads of trouble, but he always seemed to find his way back to what he knew best, which was making bags with his father.

during the years working with his father, the Manolucci facilities were offered to many fashion designers and design houses to produce their goods. the likes of Isabella Fiore, Betsey Johnson, Monica Botkier and other great designers had their bags developed and manufactured at Manolucci. it was from those influences that he learned to design; working under hundreds of independent and established brand name designers, he understands the important relationship between design and quality, and how it affects the consumer.

as the years go by, Vic continues to grow as a designer and manufacturer, with hopes of bringing his collections to the mass market. in creating the BYSOG Bag Collection, he aims to be in our lives and in the lives of many generations to come.

stay tuned for more info on this great collection. it will soon be available to the public with an online store.

i promise to keep you posted!


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