Friday, June 20, 2008

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty line expands at Sephora

when i was younger i dreamed of having Kevyn Aucoin as my best friend. he and i could dish "the dirt", lean on each other for support, and he could use my face to practice on.

not all dreams can come true. fortunately, he developed an amazing line of cosmetics and brushes that can help us all bring out the inner beauty that he desired to bring out of every woman.

Kevyn Aucoin envisioned and developed his brand, Kevin Aucoin Beauty, based on techniques, textures, and formulas that were tested throughout his 20 year career in professional artistry. in carrying on the legacy and vision, Kevyn Aucoin Beauty is an all-inclusive luxury brand that continues to develop "one of a kind" products that are loved (and if there were an even more descriptive word, i would use it) around the world.

is this exciting or what?!




Beauty Tyrant said...

To be honest, I've never heard of Kevyn before. Oops, but his beauty range seems interesting. I should check him out at Sephora's. Thanks for the heads up :)

I've added your fabulous blog to my site too

monique said...

you should check out his books...i guarantee you'll be fan when you do! ~Making Faces~, ~Face Forward~ and ~The Art of Makeup~

thanks for the compliment, and for adding me! :)