Tuesday, June 17, 2008

look of the day: tunics

tunics come in all different styles, so there is definitely one for every body type.

*find lighter fabrics to create a feminine statement, or wear over your swimsuit.

*wear with a skirt or jeans with heels and chunky jewelry to make a bold statement.

* dressier, embellished tunics look great for night. keep accessories to a minimum (no necklaces)

*belt a tunic to accentuate your shape.

*to appear leaner, pair your tunic with leggings or skinny jeans. pair with tall boots or narrow flats for an even softer style.

*don't be afraid of prints!

basically, there is a tunic for every occasion, and they are always in style. keep solid colors in your wardrobe, and add the "hot" prints each season.


visit spasofamerica.com!
photos: nordstrom.com


Virtuous Blue said...

Oh, I love tunics, especially around that time of the month (hope thats not tmi...hehe) it covers my tummy. Its the perfect summer top. Great post!!!

monique said...

oh, i hear you! they should be a must-have for every woman!

thank you!