Tuesday, July 1, 2008

ColorOn EyeEnvy

created by world-famous makeup artist Irina Iosilevich, ColorOn EyeEnvy, the first-ever press-on eyeshadow is said to give instant, professionally "done" makeup in the blink of an eye.

could this really be? an eyeshadow that is all ready to go, and applies in one step? apparently so, because here they are.

ColorOn's EyeEnvy applique professional eyeshadows allow you to pick your perfect eyeshadow palette, press on and go. this eyeshadow-shortcut was created by Iosilevich after 10 years of perfecting the all-mineral shadows in her kitchen. with dozens of different looks (from natural to smoky to leopard print), ColorOn Professional EyeEnvy lets you score crowd-wowing eyes...

these 100% hypo-allergenic, long-wearing, and crease-proof appliques come in stunning colors and avant-garde designs, fit every eye size and shape, and can be applied in minutes. each box contains five pairs of eye shadow appliques, one jar of GetSet setting powder, and one powder application blush. step-by-step instructions with application tricks and tips are also included.

how fabulous, right? i'm definitely going to have to try these out...stay tuned.


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