Tuesday, July 1, 2008

review: benefit b spot

fresh. light. flirty. fruity. floral. all of these words describe the new fragrance b spot by benefit.

i love everything about this scent! it's not too over-powering, but manages to attract attention. it's sensual and bold, yet playful and chic. with it's mixture of freesia, mango, black current and tangerine mixed with white orchid and amber, i think this would be an amazing summer fragrance, as well as an everyday fragrance for the cooler months.

available now at benefitcosmetics.com and a benefit counter near you!


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photo: benefit.com


sweets5260 said...

I got a sample of this a couple of weeks ago...It does smell good. It's funny because I thought it was called G Spot.
I like the real name better!

Girl-Woman said...

What a great combo -- not overpowering but still flirty enough. I can't wait to spritz.

Anonymous said...

I got a sample of this a few weeks ago at a Benefit counter and I really like it. I think that Maxim (yeah, no the most reputable source) named it their favourite sexy fragrance.

Barbara said...

When I bought a bottle last night I asked the clerk if it was selling well. "Honey," she said, "I get just about everything for free (cosmetics, etc.) and even I BOUGHT a bottle." I love the smell, but it doesn't seem to last too long on me. Wish it was a perfume or cologne instead of an eau de toilette. The packaging is a little cheesy, but who cares? I am really more into the fragrance.