Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fashion House: Project Runway with a Twist

if you haven't heard the news by now, this is the final season that Project Runway will airing on the Bravo network. next season the fabulous show will make it's move over to Lifetime.

while i can't imagine Project Runway anywhere else, i am thankful that it will still be on the air. i love to watch all of those creative people being challenged to become even better than they already are. and of course all the other stuff that comes from reality tv shows doesn't hurt too much either, you know, it's interesting...

so the reason for this post is to tell you that Bravo has found a replacement for the huge gap it will have to fill once Project Runway says goodbye...

it's called Fashion House, and in a press release, the show is described as a one that replicates the workings of the fashion business through a fashion house. teams of designers will live together and work to create an entire line — rather than just individual pieces — that has the potential to be purchased by commercial buyers.

sounds like Project Runway with a twist! we get to see people working together all the time,and if i know anything about creative minds, it may not always be pretty (ahh...the beauty of reality tv), but you can be sure i'll be watching!

no specific air date has been released at this time, but i'll be sure to keep you filled in!


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Anonymous said...

Great post! We liked it so much at Beauty Chat that we wanted to share with our readers, too!