Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rescue Your Nails!

Rescue Your Nails is a new book from the queen of the manicure, Ji Baek.

whatever was i thinking? i’ve spilled all my secrets on giving yourself a manicure and pedicure worthy of the Rescue Beauty name at home.

this book is loaded with tips on everything from professional techniques to sterilizing your tools, to nail shapes, colors and styles, and even how to quit biting your nails for once and for all (i need that one for my daughter).

this is the book we all need, right? i myself have no problems giving myself a mani, it's the pedi i can't bring myself to do. everytime i try, i end up driving myself to the salon to have a pro do it. not that i can't do it, i just don't like having to bend and reach and...well...let's face it, it's just nice to have someone else do something for me just once and a while (ok...every two weeks). it's a treat to reward myself for all of the hard work i do everyday (sometimes i'll let my manicurist do my nails, too... smile...), but i know the nail guru herself will be able to change my ways.

and hey, if i can learn to do my feet the Rescue Beauty way, i'll have more money spend on other things! (wink)

find Rescue Your Nails at rescuebeauty.com and amazon.com


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Jenna said...

That's funny- I find it easy to give myself a pedi (just sit on a chair with a paper towel under my feet and go to work) but IMPOSSIBLE to give myself a mani. I just can't get my left hand to do my right hand properly! I wish I was ambidextrous!